Thursday, November 16, 2006

NaNoWriMo - midday update

Update @ 0740 CST: I've read through Snippet #10, done a lot of updating, correcting and tweaking--enough that I'm up to 49k words--but I'm not going to continuing updating the TXT files in the Snippet Hole. Too much hassle / distraction and the corrections aren't anything any of you would notice anyway. At least, I hope not.

It's just little things, like making sure it's noted when they come back from dinner and Rainey is ruminating over how insulting it was for Roger to suggest Lacey to Rainey as a "fucking bribe offering" - it's necessary to establish more clearly that Rainey and Roger had known each other back then. Based on what sorts of things come out 10 snippets later (in #20 & #21), isn't it? I think so and that's the sort of stuff that has pushed the word count up to 49k, so I'm not complaining about it either. Just saying. More to read; maybe another status update later today.

Hey, for me, it's the middle of the day. Been up since 2330--yeah, I got up yesterday, maybe when you went to sleep.

I've now read through Snippets #1-4. In the first 3, I realized, I had a pretty solid setup of Rainey's motivation, but I never quite followed up on it, never went ahead and gave his reaction to how things went at dinner. I'll be reading Snippet #5 next, where Lacey reflects on it, and probably infuse her interpretation of his reaction into it, just to cover that base. I inserted some of the notes (forex "Le Berkeley" replaced instances of "[restaurant on Champs-Elysées]" ) and I caught some internal discrepancies, but nothing major. The storyline is remaining as developed, just a few bumps smoothed out. You may want to re-read from the beginning again at some point.

In reading Snippet #4, well, it's the single-most hilarious snippet so far. I just love this one. ROTFLMAO. Or is it just me, laughing at my own jokes? Uhhh, no I think no. No one could help but laugh at that scene in the Jag and Oh my God! Charlie! moment, unless you have absolutely no sense of humor. In that case, you won't enjoy the sex either so don't bother reading this one. Personally, I could read it ten times and still laugh. Lisa and Steffan are just too cute.

And it just gets better when Steffan actually disentangles himself--erm, his Johnson--from the steering wheel and starts in on Charlie's buttons. Rainford, the fiend put buttons on the poor, helpless Jag!

In reading all 4 of these snippets, another thing has become clear: the opener. I definitely will be doing the Lacey POV scene of the kill she went on with Gestner back in 2000 as a "Prologue" (yeah, I know, Prologues are bad--not in the Romance genres they're not) and then add 500-1000 words before Snippet #1 to "introduce" the reader to Charles Rainford and maybe stage the setting. I place the story in Paris quickly enough (in Snippet #1) but it would be good to give a feel of the setting before he enters the apartment. Maybe open with him on the plane, heading out of Strasbourg towards Paris, not on the phone with Lacey but maybe just finished his phone call with her...reflecting. You know how Rainey loves his introspection. Whatta guy.

And if I do this, well, ya' gotta have a hook even if you have a Prologue. So I need two hooks for this story (one for the Prologue and one for Ch 1). Rainey reflecting on having "cleaned up the mess after Strasbourg" would do well for a hook, lead into Lacey, transit to her apartment and voila, we're in Snippet #1.

I believe Snippets 1-3 will comprise Chapter 1 of the finished work. Ch 2 will pick up with Lisa's POV. Change in POV, change in pace and big change from Rainey's intensity to the ensuing madcap humor of the series of coitus interruptus scenes.

All told, the past 3 or 4 hours of reading have done me some good, construction-wise. I've also tweaked all 4 of the snippets, uploaded new versions and all of my tweaking has added a few hundred words (now at 48.3k) so it wasn't a total "loss" of time.

Another update after I eat and read Snippets 5 and 6. I just hope there were no more "spew-worthy" moments in 5 or 6 that I've forgotten. My computer screen's still recovering from Snippet 4's "beverage alert" content.


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