Thursday, November 02, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 2 Update

So I've posted this on the Bar but it seemed apropos to share here as well since some people don't log into the dark corners of the Bar where I say things like this. If you want the snippets, you have to lurk in dark corners. Sorry - and Snippet 3 is AWESOME!! Too much laughing going on here!


1500 hrs - 02 Nov 2006
My little intake of food did wonders, though I still need to brew some
iced tea for chilling overnight. I've had a lot of fun fleshing out
the end of snippet 3. For one thing, I got to steal John Ringo's take
on the generic Bad Guys, the Chechnyans. Thank you John!! I've put the
caricature to good use, I think. Good humor in there anyway and I stole
it all from you, bless your black little heart :-)

The Rainey expositive voice is interesting to write. I've done the
flashback backfill thing often enough in other stories but he's
narrating and backfilling--not quite a FLASHback so much as a backfill
in the MCs voice. Different. For me. And funny. But that's cause
Rainey is a hoot.

Snippet 3 finished at 3461 words, bringing my overall total as of 1445
CST to 8864 words.

DEAN GESTNER, died in the middle of a job on a hillside six years ago
but only today has the truth of his fateful mistake been told. And you
can read it FREE in snippet #3 :)

I've now completed 99% of your immortalization, Dean. All that's left
is to mention that you're dead ;) You died quietly, alas, muddied on a
hillside and buried in the leaves, but you had a gorgeous blonde do
you in for *drum roll* betraying her.

Does that help? And my apologies but it just didn't seem
AuthorConvenient to give you a physical description (read the snippet,
you'll see why/what I mean) so you still lack the ponytail, greying at
the temples which you requested. But you aren't announced as the Late
Dean Gestner yet so maybe I can still work it in somehow. Warned you
guys I'm not much for explicitly painting a physical appearance of a
character. I like my Reader to just "see" their own version of the
PERSONALITY. Will have to give a physical on Rainey though, in that
imaginary chapter 1 that hasn't yet appeared.

They're off to dinner but I think I'm going to skip it and go watch
Steffan and Lisa's make out in the Jag - and of course, try to write
Steffan's death scene before I get too tired. It's already 1500 (and
I've been up since 0200 recall). Let's see if I can switch POV and not
lose the funky voice.

P.S. Steve Yee's great suggestion of the 5.11 Tactical Titanium Watch & Ballistics Calculator has gotten its debut in the end of Snippet 3. Gonna have to revisit this titanium trinket, aren't we? *drool*

More to come! It just won't seem to stop...erm, coming ;)


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