Saturday, September 16, 2006

IAF Overflights Deemed in Breech of "Ceasefire" by UN

The UN force in Lebanon (whomever that's supposed to mean) claims the IAF is violating the Israel-Lebanon ceasefire by patrolling over Lebanon's airspace, and they intend to launch an official complaint against Israel. Well, that ought to set things right again because we all know how effective it is to complain to the UN when its directives and resolutions are not carried out. That's right, the UN Security Council will send some forces right on over there, wait, already did that. They're the ones whining instead of controlling and patrolling the area so there'd be no need for the IAF to continue policing via the air. Ah, silly me.

The unnamed UN Security force spokesman said that IAF fighter jets had carried out some 35 violations of Lebanese air space, in breach of the ceasefire agreement reached with the UN Security Council. But then, we all know Hezbollah would never be planning any kind of continued violence against Israel. Even Amnesty International had only "good things" (not) to say about Hezbollah.

On the lighter side, read Hezbollah's opinion of Amnesty Int'l. here. They just love those guys!



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