Saturday, November 04, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 4 update

So I am nearing the end of my useful / productive hours for today. Got up at 0220 today--slept late ;-) and have been pretty productive but had a bunch of errands to run in the middle of the day so lost some of my prime time to "life."

I am not dead yet, but my fingers are getting fumbled (you should see how this post would look WITHOUT my backspace key working!!) so probably, I won't make my personal goal of 20k for today. Currently, my NanoCount is 17,215 words. If you take out the 1745 words of "outline" that's 15,470 words of "completed first draft" manuscript. Still not bad for Day 4 *guffaw* but I had hoped to get to the magic (for me) number of 20k. If I weren't so sleepy after 15hr days of this, I'd keep going for 18hr days!! :) Here are my daily totals:

Day 1: 5160 words
Day 2: 3770 words
Day 3: 2300 words
Day 4: 5985 words

Not bad, but alas, I know myself too well. The other two times I wrote "a novel in a month," (a) I never worked more than 16 hrs/day and (b), I never edited as I went. I'm doing that this time and it is definitely slowing me down. When you write 3000 words and then cut 1200 of them before writing another 1500 and cutting 250 of those etc. well, it wears you down faster and slows the progress as measured SOLEY by numbers of words "completed" to date.

I've updated the Redshirts & Tuckerizations file, but haven't yet uploaded Snippet #6. Will read/edit it in the "morning" (and I use that term loosely, as it applies to the middle of the freaking night!! :-))) and upload it then.

Must kill Steffan. Must kill Steffan. Must kill Steffan. Soon, Steffan, soon!! Your days are truly numbered, I promise you. Rainey is good and truly ticked at you right now, at this very moment!!! He's totally prepared to just shoot you down like a dog in the road. But no. That's not happening just yet :)


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