Saturday, November 04, 2006

NaNoWriMo Snippet #5 Ready

So depending on how you count :) I've now topped either 14k or 15.5k words. I'm counting my "rough outlines to be fleshed out later" as part of the manuscript because they (a) have been composed during November and (b) will become part of the story - after multiplying and breeding thousands more words from their piddling 1600 word core. I have two such "outline" pieces in the file. One at 1100 words and another at 1600 words. I don't count my title page (though the NanoBot WC Validator seems to). I don't plan on being "close" to 50k. I plan on far surpassing 50k so all of this dickering over a thousand words here or there is more time (and wasteful use of valuable words) than it's worth. Look! I've just typed another 100 words that are not in my story. Gotta stop this.

Snippet #5 is my first piece in Lacey's POV and I think it turned out rather well. Mostly, I wanted to explore the stark contrast in diction and general demeanor between Rainey's POV and everyone else's, esp. when Rainey is on the stage. It's truly fascinating to discover, through simply writing "stream of consciousness" style, how the other characters see Charles Rainford, how they interact with him, how they cope with him!! He requires coping skills, doesn't he?

Another goal (loosely regarding diction and using POV to exploit it on numerous levels to further the story/character development) which I think I've started to achieve with Lacey's piece is the establishment of a sort of caste system of the characters. That is, Rainey and Lacey are both very rich, have amassed a lot of money over the years. They both command high fees today for various reasons.

Others (so far, we've only seen Steffan and Lisa, but there are others with yet more variation even than just the "Steff and Lisa" tone) aren't quite so well-to-do or secure in their employability for the future. Each job, for some of these people, is important and will make or break them, will impact their reputation. I'm trying to establish without actually saying so that neither Rainey nor Lacey has to be concerned anymore with if they can get another job, but which job they want next.

Does that come through in reading the first five snippets?

Recall, Snippets 1-3 are in Rainey's (edgy, tense, nearly-neurotic) voice.

Snippet 4 is in Steffan and Lisa's more-middle class style diction with some level of self-confidence mixed with a clear indication (things like Steffan's expensive classic car seems to be falling apart at the seams ;-))) of one who lives beyond their means, always secretly concerned if it will catch up to them one day.

Then Snippet 5, in Lacey's voice, not only contrasts her utter absence of foul language (you really notice it when Rainey swears or catches himself swearing if/when he's the only one doing it) but gives another POV from the "have arrived" class of character.

Or so I think. Please tell me what you think (comment thread, comment thread, comment thread...not private email...I'm drowning in email...use the comment thread ;-)))

Thanks! Gonna try to kill Steffan--at long last!!--right after I eat something. Should probably kill him first but it might be easier to manage with food on the brain. I'm really not seeing how to "feel" his death from his perspective...probably 'cause I've never actually died myself. Everytime I come close, something happens and I never quite get there. Darn it - not.



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