Sunday, November 05, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 5 Begins

So I've finished editing Snippet #6 and am starting #7, where Steffan will die no matter what. I've put on The Prodigy's CD "Music for the Jilted Generation to get in the mood.

Get this, the boyz are coming back to the States!! First time in years. Visit the "Tour" page for details on the Hoo Doo Voo Doo What You Don't Dare Do People

They'll be in California for two nights in November, 2006. Wow, why do I live in St. Louis again? I miss Boston's great music (ahhhh, laminated's at Foxboro, those were the days)


Anonymous Mark Townsend said...

Hmmm... You live in St. Louis? If you're ever in St.Louis Bread Co. and you happen to see a pretty redhead with freckles working there who answers to the name Katie, Say Hi and tell her you know Mark Townsend. That'll make her eyes pop out... Unless you've got the wrong girl. She's writing for NaNoWriMo too. Apparently there was this huge group-writing extravaganza at the Clayton St.Louis Bread Co. today.

Sun Nov 05, 04:10:00 PM CST  
Blogger -sry said...

hi mark,

yes, i live in st louis (have said that many, many times before) and i know the stl nano'ers had some kind of get together. i did NOT go. they chose, alas, to go to the SMALLEST (like a hole in the wall, 8-10 tables) and most crowded storefront of the THREE that are "in clayton" - i hate crowds and cramped spaces so i decidedly did NOT go.

the slb location i suggested to the area contact person back in october (for the kickoff) has about 8 "resident writers" (regular customers who are writers and sit in the SLB writing for HOURS) and i was even ONE of them for 8 mos or so before i broke down and got net access at home. that storefront is 3-5 times larger (35-50 tables) and has a lovely "outdoor cafe" on the sidewalk of a street called delmar in the area called "the loop" where people just...hang. the come, they walk, the stroll, they sit, they relax. it's lovely.

the tiny shop the area organizers chose (the live about 40 miles WEST of here so i guess they just didn't know and would NOT listen when i tried to tell them) had 'checked it out ahead of time' and i guess they liked it. different strokes. the directions they kept emailing out drove me nuts though - SO obviously from a mapquest query and "used" two (not one but TWO) sections of road that are CLOSED for construction plus one that is backed up on the highway for about, oh, 5 miles due to construction. oh and there's no parking on the one-way street they told you to turn down -- instead of listening to my directions to come in the other way, park and WALK around the corner!

it's okay - i got waaaaaaay more important things done for those 3-5 hours.


did they? :) i'd rather DO nanowritmo and blog about it for 5 min than talk about how i'm not doing it for 5 hours. to each his own

tell katie to go to the delmar / loop saint louis bread - she'll LOVE it there!!!


Mon Nov 06, 01:00:00 AM CST  

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