Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lacey's Run

Or How I Spent the 14th Day of NaNoWriMo.

Although I did a little more writing today (topped the 45k mark and that was enough for me to be happy), after "killing John Hardesty" and "meeting" Ed Stalker and blowing up Hangar 22 in a "spectacular blaze," I didn't really work on much more new generation.

Instead, I indulged in some research, that necessary evil. I've got a cunning plan :) In fact, you can see the cunning plan - I herewith provide the "visual aid" for you reading pleasure. Not much to read, it's research material but hey, gotta give you somethin' to tide you over, right?

Lacey's Run is captured in a Word document, complete with links to web sites and GoogleMaps embedded - there's even a Pin in the Map in there!! So yeah, the file is huge with all those graphics. Gotta love MicroSloth's "efficiency" at file compression. Go click every single link in that file and you won't even notice that you didn't get to read more today.

Back to Snippet #20 in the morning. Rainey is finally coming back and Boy! is his mouth gettin' foul now--erm, when he finds out Lacey is gone, that is. And she left her cell phone in Tony's loving hands so that "Rainey will know exactly where it is."

She can be a really evil and spiteful woman, can't she? But you have to love her anyway. She's a Goddess - more importantly, she's a lethal, killing machine Goddess.


Anonymous Emerson said...

45K = 90% done! It's downhill from here;-)

You seem to have slowed down. Truffles and John's ADMIN have nothing to with nanowrimo.

So are Rainey and Lacey eventually going to retire and get married? That's the classic Romance ending after all.

Wed Nov 15, 06:23:00 AM CST  
Blogger -sry said...

Yep, I slowed down. At 41k or 43k my wrist and hand muscles were killing me so I took nearly a full day off (shows how much you were paying attention, Emerson, *tsk tsk*)

I'm at 46k now and needing a mental break, so yeah, I'm blogging, reading email, chatting in the Tavern and even glimpsing around the rest of the Bar. Hey, I've been virtually "offline" for 2 weeks.

I need to catch up on the world to stay "fresh."

As for Rainey and Lacey....heh heh, you'll just have to wait and see, now won't you? Yes, it's a probably a genre Romance Suspense novel but I'm (a) not committed to the genre, just to the story and (b) NOT giving away the ending even if you pay me. So there.

Oh, and just a warning, since you're reading the fine print here in the comments, you get to hear it...after Nov 30th ALL of the snippets will automagically disappear. Vanish. Gone in the blink of an eye. Save them now or forever hold your peaceful regrets.

Actually, given that I have been editing and will continue to do so, you might want to WAIT to save the snippets off until closer to the 30th - there're bound to be some major changes once I get time to sit down and read "The Ultimate Sniper" book and really get inside Lacey's sniper head.

Thanks for the daily cheering on notes, Emerson.


Wed Nov 15, 06:39:00 AM CST  

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