Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I've Lived a Very Sheltered Life

I simply cannot reach any other conclusion. And I've done some pretty "out there" things in my day, but....clearly, I've lived a very sheltered life. See, it's like this :)

While investigating resources (hopefully in Paris, France) from which Lacey can purchase disguise-making supplies--like, oh, liquid latex out of which to cast prosthetics--several people in totally different forums have referred me to so-called "sex shops." I've read this and scratched my head, rolled my eyes, though back on the sex shops I've frequented over the years, where all sorts and manner of fun and interesting "toys" are sold but uhhh, nope, never saw liquid latex for sale. Obviously, I was struck temporarily blind having walked into such an establishment.

Here's an example. The ad starts out "For those fun-loving folks into the latex scene..." Latex scene? There's a scene? Huh. Lookee there. A liquid latex culture and I never actually stumbled onto it before. Interesting.

Or this one, aptly named "Deviant Liquid Latex." Wow, deviants? I really have been missing something here. When did all this deviance happen and I wasn't there to witness it?

Well, I wasn't *ahem* tied to liquid latex, but I'm gettin' pretty well and thoroughly convinced it'd be easy enough to get a hold of this in Paris.

The other option, of course, was foam latex, which is more traditional for makeup/prosthetics (not sure why, though maybe it's the wild colors the liquid stuff sells so much of, huh?) and GM Foam (no, a different GM, silly) has three distributors right in Paris, France, so that option is open, too.

But that liquid latex "scene" really needs further investigation. Excuse me. I'll be back sometime in uhhh...yeah, later.


Blogger Dirty Dingus said...

I'm pretty sure I know the Deviant Liquid Latex guy. He seemed surprising normal (at least by my rather low standards) and a fine drinking buddy.

In fact next time I'm in the Bay Area, I need to meet him because I owe him a couple of beers - he gave me a ride back to San Jose from Santa Cruz and we stopped off in Los Gatos for a brew or two last January.

Tue Nov 14, 10:21:00 AM CST  
Blogger -sry said...

It *just* figures you'd come up with that, Francis. Geeeeez.

So I have to work harder to find something or someone you DON'T know, is that it? :)

Working....working...hang on, Google's hung up on me again. It's those damn PinInTheMap links you keep sticking on me.

I feel like one of Joe Buckley's voo doo dolls and I haven't even GOTTEN to killing Joe Buckley yet!!


Tue Nov 14, 01:20:00 PM CST  

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