Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quotable Quotes from Lacey/Rainey Story

I'm still of the opinion that my single-most favorite one-liner moment thus far is in Snippet #4 when Lisa exclaims at an *ahem* untimely moment "Oh my God! Charlie! *hehe*

But the last 750 words I've just written have a gem. Will probably tack them onto Snippet #19 later today. We'll see. Here's the funny, out of context, hopefully still chuckle-worthy. Watching the hangar / warehouse going up in glorious flames, our next Tuckerized Barfly (Ed Stalker in whose POV this is told) muses:
The materials Charlie stored there were mostly electronics, some weapons, but nearly all inflammables. Well, except for the rocket launcher. Almost on queue, at that thought, the north side of the building burgeoned into fiery oblivion. And there goes the rocket launcher.


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