Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sheikh Salah Coveting the Caliphate?

Islamic Movement's leader, Sheikh Raid Salah, seems to be coveting the currently unoccupied position of Caliphate over all the Muslim world. Hmmmm. According to the Jerusalem Post, Salah urged both Hamas and Hezbollah to hang onto their hostages and use them to secure the release of "all the security prisoners currently incarcerated, and all Israeli Arabs imprisoned for security reasons.

At the annual gathering, drawing some 50,000 to the soccer stadium in Umm el-Fahm, Salah also said that the day "was not far off" that Israel's rule over the Temple Mount would be thrown off, and Jerusalem would become the capital of a new Muslim Caliphate. Methinks he sees himself in the starring role of this little production.

In response to Pope Benedict XVI's recent comments about Islam, which have sparked protests throughout the Muslim world, Salah condemned the statements, and hoped that they had been unintentional.

I'm sure the Pope didn't mean to insult you when he condemned your senseless slaughter of innocent civilians, no. In fact, according to Ha'aretz:
The new Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said that the pope's position on Islam is unmistakably in line with Vatican teaching that the Church "esteems Muslims, who adore the only God."

"The Holy Father is very sorry that some passages of his speech may have sounded offensive to the sensibilities of Muslim believers," Bertone said in a statement.

And I know Reuters isn't the best source for reliable opinions but this video shows your brethren burning an effigy of the Pope. That's really not a very nice way to show your interest in peaceful coexistence, now is it?

In fact, the burning of Churches in Nablus was even worse--injuring and killing innocent and peaceful worshippers who wanted nothing more from life than to praise His Name in the holy land.


Blogger Gobnait said...

Jeez this is a little patronising, you can't group together every muslim telling them to stop murdering and destroying, my doctor always seems like a pretty mellow guy...

Sat Sep 16, 06:11:00 PM CDT  
Blogger -sry said...

No, not every Muslim, not any Muslim who believes in the One G-d and the peaceful co-existence of Muslims with believers of other faiths.

But yes, every single damned RIF out there, I group together as one rampaging mass of madmen who need to be wiped from the face of the Earth. You betcha!! It's called a Holy War for a reason.

Then again, the RIF's term, "Jihad" doesn't actually mean Holy War, does it?


Sat Sep 16, 06:34:00 PM CDT  

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