Sunday, November 05, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 5 - Part 2

So moving forward here, I plug in The Prodigy's next album, "Fat of the Land," whose opening cut "Smack my Bitch Up" has the most amazing (female) guest vocal in any electronica ever.

And not to discount the extremely creative video of that clip which the US version of MTV banned--due to scenes of full nudity, the sexually-repressed twits. But I have it on my hard disk, available to play for "artistic inspiration" at any time. So there. Yeah, go you file-sharing prodigies of the world. If you've never seen the amazing video for this clip...well, you don't know what you're missing. It's a mindfuck for sure. Heh heh. Oh wait! It's already on the internet in all its glory. Yeah, like that didn't happen 5 years ago. (sorry if your browser plays the clip automagically against your will. UPGRADE today. Or just click the pause/play toggle. The audio quality on this clip--during the great guest vocal--sucks but watch the moving pictures just for the fun of it all.) You can see from the "mood" and "pace" of this video why The Prodigy is doing such a fine, fine job of assisting me in my NanoWriting, can't you?

This celebration of life comes on the heels of passing the 18k word mark in my NanoWriting and best of all, completing *tad-dah* (drum roll please) Steffan's Death Scene. At long last, the sucker's dead. Not sure I got the smile plastered on his face though. Will have to work on that in editing (to begin once I extract myself from this blogging addiction I seem to have developed).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you have handled the shifts in POV well; they didn't interrupt my following the flow of the story. Looking at things from Lacey's POV helps provide a different perspective on what makes Rainey tick. I can understand him, a bit, I think because of my background. Read chap 5 in "On Killing". What does a retired sheepdog do for a living?
Did Rainey deliberatly cause the accident, or was it just a side effect of his trying to shake Steffan of his tail? In a story like this, one doesn't expect a character to die as a result of a traffic accident.
I've enjoyed it so far.
John "the Old Grunt"

Sun Nov 05, 06:05:00 PM CST  
Blogger -sry said...

Hi John,

I started reading Col. Dave Grossman's _On Killing_ last night, bedtime reading *smirk*

Ch 5, Ch 5, ahhhhh WHICH Ch 5?? :) The one in Sec III, Sec IV, Sec V or Sec VIII. I suspect you mean Sec III, since that's the section on Killing and Physical Distance. I'm still in Section II: Killing & Combat Trauma (fear, effects of)

I'd forgotten how much I do NOT like Grossman's writing style. *sigh* He's got good info; he's just a really sucky writer.

Re the car accident that killed Steffan - yeah, it was an accident and no, one would NOT expect a person in this sort of story to die that way. Lisa sure as sugar won't be able to believe/accept "it was just an accident" when she finds out. THAT is kinda the point. Though in truth, if Rainey had not been driving like a maniac, then would there have been a 5 car pileup behind him - ya think? :) I think not. I think he "caused" it in the most passive-aggressive way he could possibly manage. And it was a covert decision on MY AuthorGod part. Haha, I finally got dominance over Rainey!! Nyah, nyah The little fucker--erm, trying to fuck 'er ...erm, trying to something or other :)


Mon Nov 06, 01:09:00 AM CST  

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