Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Anti-Semitism on the Rise?

What a strange thing to ask. I never noticed any kind of decrease in anti-semitism. Don't you have to have a trailing off before it can rise up again? The EU Referendum discussion is well-thought-out and does have a link-through to England's attempt to address the issue in the UK. Since the number of Jews in England is in the 7-digit range, I'd say they're wising up to at least take a little look-see.

On the American front, where about 6 million Jews reside and call ourselves Americans, we have the loverly Peggy Fox asking Senator George Allen about his ancestry. Watch the video, she starts out trying to make him a racist before she takes on her own racist stance.

I guess it was a slow news day and she needed some kind of sensationalism for her ratings, huh?


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