Monday, September 18, 2006

Hamas Solution to Unemployment

Shoot 'em. Shoot 'em all. That's Palestinian Terrorist Hamas "Prime Minister" Ismail Haniyeh's solution for when "his people" protest against their dire living conditions. Right. This is how to care for your people, Haniyeh, and this is how to make use of the "aid" money pouring in. Oh, wait! That's right. You guys in charge pocket the money for yourselves. The protesters said they had blocked the four entrances leading from the square into the building in an attempt to force Haniyeh to talk to them. But Haniyeh doesn't want to hear it. Never mind that:
Poverty and unemployment have skyrocketed in Gaza in recent months after international sanctions made it impossible for the Hamas government to pay its 165,000 employees. Without paychecks for six months, workers have shown increasing signs of frustration in recent weeks, launching demonstrations and widespread strikes.

When your people come to you hungry, hands out asking for you to lead them to self-sufficiency, just shoot 'em, women and children be damned. Then you won't have to listen to their annoying cries for basic subsistence anymore.


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