Monday, September 18, 2006

Israel Indicts 3 Hezbollah Terrorists

Three down, only how many thousands to go? Somehow the arrests and indictments today of Hussein Suleiman, Mohammed Sarour and Maher Housani, just don't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Will it bring back the lives lost this summer? No.

Will it repair the hundreds of millions in property damage in the north of Israel? No. Will it restore the 50 years' growth of trees burned in the Katyusha Rain on the forests of the Galilee? No.

So what does it get us? Someone to blame. It also provides military intelligence confirmation on the links between Hezbollah and Iran. According to the Jerusalem Post's military sources, the guerillas visited Iran multiple times where they participated in a number of military exercises. It's a small victory, but it's small enough and comes late enough, it still doesn't help the lingering bitter taste of the Katyusha Rain of 2006 and its effects on the Israeli economy.


Blogger Goesh said...

It's a shame the gutless Olmert would not allow immediate prosecution of hizbullah's aggression via full ground forces immediately proceeding in. Convicting 3 terrs is pretty meager fare when hundreds more could have been killed on the ground.

Mon Sep 18, 10:26:00 AM CDT  

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