Sunday, September 17, 2006

US vs AP

So I saw this article on AP News. Usually I do actually trust what AP News has to say, but because of the odd nature of this article, I just knew one of my favorite milbloggers would have the behind the scenes "translation" of this story.

Sure enough, Blackfive has it and has it all. Thank you, Gentlemen!

The bottom line is that some Iraqui who has received an award for a daring photograph he took (and didn't get shot immediately so he was able to pass the photo through to the western media) has associated with the Iraqui RIFs and yet, when he was arrested by US Military forces, claimed he's not really with them, he's one of the Good Guys.

Okay, but you chose to continue to associate with them? Yeah. And you freely went along with them as they committed acts of violence? Yeah. And you were, in fact, with known terrorists at the time of your arrest? Yeah. Okay. Just checking.

More at Blackfive, lots of good link-throughs, too.


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-it hardly makes the news

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