Sunday, September 17, 2006

RIFs Declare War on All of Christian World

Gunmen killed an Italian nun and her bodyguard at the entrance of a hospital where she worked, doctors and witnesses said Sunday in what some feared was connected to Muslim outrage over the pope's recent remarks about Islam.

The nun, who has not been identified, was shot in the back four times by two gunmen armed with pistols, Dr. Mohamed Yusef told The Associated Press.

Christian leaders and theologians said Saturday night that distorted media coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's speech resulted in Muslim violence.

From what I've seen, the media has, for once, simply shown the video as His Holiness spoke the words without editing it or commenting over it with their own verbage. Judge for yourself, here's the transcript.

As security was beefed up around Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday night, the Mujahideen's Army movement in Iraq threatened to carry out a suicide attack against the Pope in revenge for his comments about Islam and Jihad.

The Pope made a reference, made an apology and the reaction of the Muslim community worldwide (from this nun in Somalia to threats from Iraq to burning churches in the West Bank) has been one of violent retribution, sometimes against Christians who aren't even under the Pope's tutelage. He oversees the Roman Catholic Church, not the entire Christian world - do the RIFs even realize this? According to FOXnews (watch embedded video on their home page), the Palestinian Terrorists have now burned no less than seven churches in the West Bank (the Anglican pictured, both Greek and Roman Catholic churches, and at least one Orthodox Church).

Somehow I don't see the media as who's flown off the handle here.


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